Being Patient and Calm

Have you ever lost your temper to the extent which was uncontrollable ?
Have you ever felt that the things are not working in the way you planned?
Have you ever found yourself getting irritated for no reason ?

If your answer is YES for any of the above questions then you must stop right now and start being calm and patient..

Life brings us many challenges but we have to overcome them and stand more strongly than before..
There is nothing in the universe that can disturb you until and unless you allow it to do so. I had heard somewhere that if people try to provoke you, or say something bad about you then they have done their ‘karma’ by behaving in such a way.. Now it is in your hands whether to get affected by that person/situation or not.. You have the power .. The remote control of your life is in your hands.. Do not allow anyone to ruin it ..

Below I have mentioned some of the ways to keep yourself calm and patient which have helped me too ..

1. Whenever you see yourself stuck in some situation, just try to take a few breaths. Concentrate on your breathing and this will help you to change the focus from the situation.

2. Just remember one thing.. any situation you are facing which u feel is not under control just let it pass… It is just a moment which will pass, come what may. Thinking about any past event will not help you in any way.

3. Try to change your focus from the bad situation to the good ones.. Try remembering the happy moments/memories of your life.. like your birthday surprise, your D-day, the first words of your child, etc.. Aren’t they the best moments u have spent?? They are.. .So why waste time on things that do not have any importance.

4. Remind yourself every now and then that things take time to clear out. If there is some situation, just let it be.. but being impatient will only lead to loosing your aim in life, your relationships and many more things which matter to you a lot…

5. Be sure of only one thing that whatever you want in life, you will achieve.. All you need is to have patience. Being impatient leads nowhere..

6. NEVER EVER bring a negative thought in your mind. If you notice any negative thought coming, just replace it immediately with a positive one..

7. Under any circumstance, just ask yourself one question .. will this really matter after 5 years??
The answer you get will always be a big NO.. After few years..this thing will not even affect you..then why now..

8. Never take any criticism personally. Nobody is perfect in this world.. So just chill and just move on ..

I know what i have written above can’t be done overnight. But through practice, you will definitely master the above qualities.

Have you heard of the quote
“Patience in not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep good attitude while waiting”
Go through this quote word by word and try to practice it.

Try to be calm and patient in any situation .. because peace means power.. So use that power within you and show the world that you got something in you ..!!!!

Good luck !!!


Life and Happiness

I am here to tell you about the most beautiful gift from God.. “LIFE”

Nowadays life has lost its meaning. the meaning of Life in today’s date is to achieve our needs and desires.. Life is all about being happy with materialistic things.. But this definition of life is totally wrong..

Life is finding happiness in small things like.. a baby’s smile, dancing in the rain, sleeping on mother’s lap, having a walk hand in hand with your lover/partner, watching the sky full of stars, sunrise and sunset, meeting an old friend, having a long conversation with your bestie and many more..

Life is simple and people have complicated it.. Try to find happiness in all that is happening around you..

Be happy because.. You are alive..  Someone, somewhere loves you..

There are innumerable ways to be happy in life.. Just find the optimism in each n every thing.. Take everything as a challenge and find a way to happiness.. Sounds difficult…??? Just give it a try…

Don’t spend too much time on over analyzing, over thinking and over reacting… Just make things simple.. Smile all the time… it is the biggest makeup you can wear on your face.. 🙂 Make it an asset.. Spread smiles ..

Try giving a smile to an unknown person.. the other person will smile back to you in-spite of not knowing you. This is the power of smile.. 🙂

You will get happiness when you stop waiting for it.. So make the most of your life NOW.. Life is too short..Cherish each and every moment

Happy smiling to all … 🙂